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Metal Roofing Repair Contractors in Triad

Are you looking for a metal roof repair company in Triad? Metal roofing in Triad is a very popular choice for home and business owners who want a sustainable and durable roof. The modern appeal and the fact that metal roofs can easily be customized makes them one of the best options.

Modern metal roofing adds elegance and decades of service life to your roof compared to other roofing materials, which often require replacement or extensive repairs after a few years. Though the initial upward cost of metal roofing is significantly more, it is cheaper in the long-term. Owners don’t have to worry about frequent repair and maintenance costs.

Reasons to Choose Metal Roofing in Triad

One of the primary reasons why you would choose a metal roof is because it is cheap to maintain and tends to reduce heating costs in winter for commercial properties. However, here are a few more facts about metal roofing that’s worth considering:

  • Metal is easy to recycle, and so it is eco-friendly
  • It helps to reduce energy usage
  • Metal roofing can also be customized to the look and feel you want

Our Commercial Roofing Services in Triad

Metal Roof Repair Triad – Metal Roof Withstands the Elements

North Carolina is known for its fair share of violent weather that ranges from storms to hail and strong wind. That’s why we use 28-gauge steel panels, which are wind and weather resistant. The higher gauge ensures that the panels can withstand just about anything, using their Snap Lock Panels, to assure a secure fit and perfect seal.

We also take special care to ensure that the metal roofing is installed so that it isn’t easily damaged by violent storms and continue to retain their appearance/color for years. Our metal roofing in Triad comes backed by a warranty. We only use the best quality products coupled with professional installation to assure home and business owners of a very long service life.

Who is Metal Roofing Best Suited For?

Metal roofing in Triad is best suited for businesses and homeowners who plan on living in the home for at least the next twenty years. That said, even if you plan on selling the house, may be a decade or so later, metal roofs tend to hold their value very well owing to how durably they are built. That’s why if you have the budget for a metal roof, it offers you as a home or business owner the best value for money, which is why we highly recommend this type of roofing.

We Guarantee Excellent Customer Service

Our metal roofing service comes backed by excellent customer service. As one of the leading roofers in Triad, we make sure that our clients, both previous and new, can quickly get a hold of our team when needed. Whether there is a leak, require an inspection, or you need a quote for a new metal roof, we can help you.