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Houston Standing Seam Metal Roof

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Standing Seam Roof - Metal Roofing Experts

A standing seam roof is a metal panel that is intertwined at the verge to configure a seal. This seal stands straight-up hence the name standing seam. The seams use covered mortise, with clips and fasteners concealed beneath the panel. When looking for a standing seam metal roof, you can never go wrong with Integris roofing, they are the best metal roofing company in Houston. Houston is one of the best areas that offer high-quality metal roofing solutions for private and merchandising buildings. Getting metal roofs for your residential home from Houston has several limitations.

Why You Should Choose Integris Roofing For Your Metal Roofing Needs

For standing seam roof requirements Integris roofing will never disappoint. Below is an overview of Integris roofing.

  • We are GAF Certified, Home Advisor Approved, and hold Shingle Master Certification.
  • As a leader in metal roofing solutions, we always assure formidable solution
  • Provides high-quality and attractive metal roofs
  • Provides materials that are green-friendly and are 95% recyclable

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When Is It Time To Replace Your Roof?

One of the indications that you require a replacement of your roof is missing or damaged shingles. Besides, moss development or algae on the roof or mold. Finally, if there are any leaks, then you a roof replacement is required. For any homeowner who is considering roof replacement, metal roofing is a better option for Houston, Texas. Contrary to the regular roofs, aluminum and steel are made up of very durable materials.

Why a Metal Roof May Be Better Than Asphalt

Having a metal roof installed from Integris roofing may have many benefits. To begin with, an aluminum or steel roof assists to secure your house against unfavorable weather. Metal roofs can combat hurricane wind levels of up to 120 miles per hour. This makes them a good choice for those living in the coastal area.

Besides, metal roofs are not prone to damage from falling debris like an asphalt roof. Repairing roofs can be costly and costs from $150 dollars up to several thousand, anyone planning to be a long-term homeowner, could be facing repairs each year.

Aluminum and steel roofs are distinguished since they save you money in the long run. In comparison with asphalt shingles, which lasts for approximately 20 years, the metal roof can last for four to five decades. A metal roof in Houston can protect against hail and rain damages. The tough Texas summers will not damage your metal roof as much as it would to an asphalt roof.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Shifting from traditional to modern roofing or metal has many advantages. Integris roofing assists in installing standing seam metal roofs for your Houston home. The Standing seam metal roofing has many benefits that they provide such as being lightweight. That being the case, these panels are the best for custom fittings. Asphalt Shingles are a bit heavier and can put the homeowner under stress due to consistent damage. This longer-lasting roof is definitely worth your money.

Integris roofing provides a vast alternative of colors, patterns, and sizes that are relevant to your home. Some people believe that a metal roof is for agricultural or industrial use only but that is not the truth.

Types of standing seam metal roofing

Standing seam metal roofing has various choices. This depends on your decision from the color and measurements to the locking mechanism.

Medallion-Lok Standing Seam Metal Roofs

It is 1.75” narrow. It provides a clean visual line to the homeowner. It characterizes concealed clips and a snap-together seam. Best for commercial properties but elegant on larger and customized homes. With this type of roof, you enjoy a Class A fire rating and a stylish design perfect for each home.

ClickLock Aluminum Standing Seam Roofs

These are the ideal choice for architects. They have a modern aesthetic and distinct architectural profile. It is recommended for residential and custom buildings. It is made up of rust-free, heavy-duty aluminum. They are narrow 12” panels that are ideal and fit to nearly any type of roof. They use panels with clip fasteners that enable the metal to float as needed. It is the most effective and efficient standing seam on the market.

Instaloc Standing Seam Metal Roofs

It includes a 1” seam and uses blocked out clips for fittings. It is best for small commercial and residential buildings since it is created for low-profile seams and solid decking. Has a class A fire rating.

Retrofit Standing Seam Metal Roofs

This uses some of the most modern paneling in roofing. The 138T and 238T panels provide symmetrical standing seam systems and many more benefits that other roofing panels are unable to provide. With these panels, you get great results that are not available with other roofs. The 138T and 238T panels are seamed together with seam caps, thereby enabling easy recycling.

How long will a standing seam roof last?

The Standing seam roof has a life expectancy of about 40 years. They need little or no maintenance. They last longer than roofs from other materials. They are made to combat and resist hurricane-level winds. This means even rain, snow, hail, and other harsh weathers will not give you any trouble.

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